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Welcome to The Trowbridge Town Football Club Archive.
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Wiltsire League Champions 2015-2016
Picture courtesy of Andrew Meaden

For 2016-2017, Trowbridge will be represented in the following leagues.

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The Wiltshire Football League        The Trowbridge & District League        Wiltshire County Womens & Girls League
                                                                Division One    Division Two

Site Layout.

At then end of season 2013-2014, I decided to redesign the layout slightly to allow for a smarter looking header and other changes.
With over 400 pages to redo, I would not have enough time to convert all the pages before next season so instead, you will see a mixture of old and new.

Obviously this index page was done first, others will be done gradually over the months (and probably years!)


Site Content.

There is a lot of information here but there is also a lot missing so the project will always be "on-going"..
Thanks to the many people who have helped with information to fill the gaps in particular, John Hansford who's contrubution has been immense.
This site covers the senior sides only, please visit
www.trowbridgetownfootballclub.co.uk , for the youth, junior, ladies and mini teams.

Also thanks to the following:
Chris White for the the programme collection left by his father, Andrew.
The FA.com.
The Official Centenary History of The Southern League  - Book.
Non-League Football Tables 1889-2006 - Book
A big thanks to John Hansford.
Also thanks to Programme Editors and contributors everywhere and any other websites I may have visited.

Trowbridge Town Sponsors.